Vegan Banana Bread

Vegan banana bread

Banana bread with chocolate chips and raisins. Toddler approved.

Some days I just don’t get around to using up the bananas in time for them to not be brown. I personally don’t like eating bananas with even the slightest hint of green because bananas should not crunch, in my opinion. Sometimes I just straight-up sabotage any chances of eating them before they go brown because I want to use them for banana bread. I mean, banana bread is a great way to use up bananas that have been sitting around too long, plus it’s pretty much one of the yummiest things ever, veganizes really well and is very forgiving when it comes to baking so you can really go crazy with it and chances are it will turn out fine. These are all good things in my book. Nom nom nom! Last time that I made this one it was gone within a day, it was a hit to put it mildly.

For this recipe, you can either use a commercial egg replacer or you could just go with using the bananas as they make a good substitute for eggs as-is, or you could use ground flax as I’ve done and that adds some great Omega-3s and makes you feel like a do-gooder all around. I’ve used ground flax and found it to be a good binder but if you are feeling adventurous you could also use apple sauce instead.

There are no nuts in this recipe because I have a toddler and I’m afraid of her choking on them, but you can add them at the end when you add the chocolate chips. If you don’t dig on white flour, I’ve used spelt flour instead and it worked fine. I haven’t tried making it gluten free but will give that a whirl when my dad comes to visit (he’s gluten intolerant and a banana bread fan) and update how it went.


If you want to be truly decadent (and who doesn’t?!) then you can serve this banana bread with some strawberry butter! This seriously changed my life, well, the banana bread consumption dept. anyway.

Strawberry Butter

2 tablespoons vegan butter substitute, I used Earth Balance

2 to 4 tablespoons strawberry jam or preserve of choice

Stir to combine and serve with the banana bread. Dying of yum optional.

The strawberry butter accompaniment was directly inspired by this recipe which I have veganized.

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